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Sale Away

For those of you in the U.S., a little bird told me that “A Hundred Billion Ghosts” is only $0.99 until midnight tonight. He also told me that he’d murder me with his little pointy beak if I didn’t pass it on. Scary bird.



You Know You’ve Arrived When…

My daughter, who is 12, made this fan art for “A Hundred Billion Ghosts”, and did a book report on it for school. Which is just about the coolest thing ever. Maybe she’ll do my next cover art.

(Her copy of the book still has the old title, BTW. Not her fault.)


New Title for the New Year

Market research–which is a fancy name for “asking people”–has strongly suggested that people think “A Hundred Billion Ghost Stories” is a book of short stories. I put “a novel” right there under the title, but apparently people don’t read that far.

So starting precisely now-ish, the title will be “A Hundred Billion Ghosts”. Nothing else in the book has changed. It still has exactly the same number of stories in it, ie. one.

So congratulations if you bought the paperback already! You now have a limited first edition, much like Charles Dickens’ rare original printing of “Two Christmas Carols”.


Burning up the charts

We’re number one! We’re number one! And so forth.


Gotta love reviews

Aw shucks, Amazon Reviewer. You’re too kind!


New cover!

The new cover for “A Hundred Billion Ghost Stories” is finally ready! If you already bought the e-book, it should update on your kindle automagically.
Whaddya think?



I’m giving away on Goodreads 5 free copies of “A Hundred Billion Ghost Stories”, personally defaced by me. Enter here:



I am on Instagram now, for all your instant gramming needs.



This showed up at theĀ  door today. Shiny!

It’s a proof copy. Which I believe means that it’s proof I wrote a book.


Paperback release

There’s a paperback of “A Hundred Billion Ghost Stories” listed on Amazon already, claiming to be “out of stock”. Suffice to say, this was an error. Possibly by me, though I admit nothing.

If all goes well, the actual paperback should be available day-and-date with the ebook, on Friday the 27th. Just five days from now! So if killing trees is your thing, go nuts.


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